The whole surface of PITT is equipped with standard “green field” infrastructure that includes:


Water supply;


Natural gas supply;

Electricity supply;




Water supply



*    The water supply is provided trough the city water network, with a pipe of Dn = 400 mm made by plastic tubs confirmed with GRP glass, witch provides the water supply for each parcel;

*    Debit is Q = 25 - 150 l/s for buildings P+1;

*    Water debit for fire: 15 l/s.



The waste waters is collected in an sewerage system network made of GRP pipes with a Dn = 300 mm. The waste water will be pumped in the main collector of Timisoara located along the ring road. The storm water is carrying out through discharge chanel.



Natural gas supply


*    The gas supply is made trough a connection with the gas city network (D=280/255 mm). The post of adjustment measurement PRM has the capacity of 500 Nm3/h from medium pressure at low pressure;

*    The gas maximum estimated consuming that can be provided is 500 Nmc/h or 360.000 Nmc/month for 24 hours consuming.

Electricity supply


*    Capacity of power = 7000 KW;

*    The supplying is made from the 110/20 KV Bucovina station trough LES 20 KV;

*    The simultaneous input - power = 5000 KW, from which:

*    The input - power for the entire consuming (25 lots +AP+ services) is = 5000 KW, able to provide a monthly consume of 3.600.000 KWh;

*    The input - power available at the pumping station is 15 KW;

*    For greater powers installed there are necessary own investments accomplished by the tenants.




PITT has in its dotation a CSND HD (ALCATEL) automatic telephone exchange, connected to the  CTD E 10 Timisoara (ALCATEL) telephone exchange of Timisoara by optical fiber. CSND HD (ALCATEL) has a distributing frame with strips going to 125 lines, connected through copper cabble at the terminal boxes, that are distributed through all 25 parcels. each terminal boxe offers 5 lines per subscriber.





*    Access roads with connection to national road No. 6;

*    Inside roads;

*    Sidewalks and walkways.