PITT’s general objective is that of contributing to the economic development of the zone, by attracting Romanian and foreign investors, that are carrying on high rate technological production activities accordingly to the strategic planned Timis County industry development directions, respectively IT & software, IT & communications, electronics and electrical technology, automotives and other types of industries that are utilizing advanced and non polluted  technologies, other production activities using slightly polluting technologies, designing, researching & development activities, logistics processing.

Our purpose is to create about 1000 new job places until the end of 2007.

The objectives assumed by ADETIM – PITT, having the administration ownership, consist of:


*      Short and medium term objectives – the successive leasing of the Park, as follows:


*   12 % = value of the occupying rate in the first year of activity – the year 2005 (3 concessionaires);

*   60 % = value of the occupying rate in the second year of functioning – year 2006 (12 concessionaires / 2006, so the total is – 15 concessionaires);

*   100 % = value of the occupying rate in the third year of functioning – year 2007 (10 concessionaires / 2007, so the total is – 25 concessionaires).


*      Long term objective – the whole Park leasing at the end of 2007: